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Our names are Kelly and Jessica.  We are a couple of moms who became fast friends.  Kelly loves all things fashion.  She picks out all the amazing things we offer in our store.  Jessica loves all things business.  We put our interests and our names together and Kellica was born!  Our vision is to create a community of women who will support and uplift each other.  




Hi I'm Kelly! I am blessed to marry my best friend and better half, Scott, in 2001. Together we have 5 beautiful, sometimes annoying but always lovable kids.  Life has given us ups and downs and even some zigs and zags but through it all, usually when we are back on our feet we have been able to see our strength and growth.  In a nut shell..."about me" is a little bit crazy, a lot unorganized and a whole lot of love for my family and life!  I have always loved clothing and fashion and am truly thankful for the opportunity to do something I love! 






Hi! My name is Jessica.  I am a mom of 4 amazing kids.  I am married to a great guy who supports all my crazy dreams.  I am a registered nurse and really enjoy building connections with patients and customers.  I am a super nerd who loves to read about history and self-help.  I'm basically a self-help junky!  I love learning and I home school my kids (Yes I am crazy!) I am the business side of Kellica.  Kelly is helping me learn the fashion side and I am loving it! The confidence boost I have gotten from putting on a cute outfit has fueled a passion for helping women look and feel their best. 


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